Hệ thống ĐHKK: mối đe dọa toàn cầu tiếp theo cho sức khỏe cộng đồng?

Air conditioning systems: the next global threat to public health?

The next environmental global health problem may not come from groundwater or plastics but from the indoor environments and air we all breathe through AC systems. 

The perfect ingredients to the next public health issue

Massive adoption of Air con systems globally, low public awareness and concern, wait and see attitude, lack of official regulations…these are the perfect ingredients for what experts already call the next “big public health issue”.

Air conditioning has been massively adopted by our modern society to the point where we can hardly picture being deprived of the comfort it provides.

Yet, HVAC systems (standing for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) pose a very serious threat to public health that gets almost no press coverage and remains largely unknown to most of us, despite the growing numbers of infections recorded worldwide and the warnings raised by public health authorities.

  • 1,6 billion of AC systems are installed worldwide in May 2018
  • Number of AC systems installed worldwide will triple by 2050 according to the International Energy Agency
  • Emerging countries (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Brazil…) are gearing up as their standards of living increase
  • Sales of AC systems in China already outgrow sales in the USA by a x8 factor
  • Aircon cooling coil is the largest surface in your room that never gets cleaned (bigger than your kitchen, bathroom and floor combined)

What the general public is not aware of

Aircon is the largest surface in your room that never gets cleaned.

The dirty aircon will not only collect dusts, but also grow mould that is both toxic on its own and also produces even more toxic mycotoxins. Human airways are not adapted to clearing air pollutants.

All toxins end up in the lungs where they cause a bunch of diseases.