Let’s be Greener together. ECOTIS rebrands to BE GREEN SOLUTIONS

Let’s be Greener together. ECOTIS rebrands to BE GREEN SOLUTIONS

We are excited to announce that we’re rebranding to Be Green Solutions.

As part of our strategy, our company name will change from ECOTIS to BE GREEN SOLUTIONS,  effective as of august 2019.

Be Green Solutions brings the best clean green eco-friendly and savings solutions to create more sustainable built environments.

Our belief :

Be Green is a mindset that will help us build a more sustainable world together.

At Be Green Solutions, we aim to bring to Vietnam the best environmentally-friendly technology solutions that address the global concerns for indoor air quality, energy efficiency and long-term assets protection. We believe clean green solutions are the most appropriate answer to address this issues. Our team of industry experts and passionate Green minds can improve significantly Indoor Air Quality, energy efficiency and asset sustainability , for a better life for all of us across Vietnam.

Sy Anh Tran, CEO Be Green Solutions

Be Green Solutions brings :

  • Asset maintenance solutions to the greenest levels
  • A rigorous selection of the best bio tech products
  • The highest commitment to delivering a customized service.


Contact : contact@begreen.solutions

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