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The AerisGuard cooling tower cleaner is a patented one step cleaning and sanitising product with a multi-enzymatic formulation that is designed to be the best practice application for mechanical plant maintenance of water cooling towers.

The cleaner digests biofilms releasing bacteria, fungi and other contaminates which are flushed from the water circuit during final rinsing.

AerisGuard is pH neutral and provides :

  • Reduced risk of Legionella in water circuit, as biofilm detachment is well known to spread dislodged contaminates
  • Extended asset life due to non-corrosive nature of product within your system
  • Safer for the contractor performing the work when using AerisGuard – significantly lowers OH&S risks
  • Completely Biodegradable and safe for the environment
  • Prevents drain lines of the unit from becoming blocked by biofilm
  • Improved heat exchange efficiency of the tower as the enzyme removes the insulating biofilm that causes channelling through the fill.

There are many downstream positive effects on the water circuit, with the chiller and pumps suffering from reduced corrosion and the measurably improved heat exchange.

Product CodeDescriptionDilution RateApplication Rate
01-03-00009(20)Multy-Enzyme Cooling Tower Cleaner 20L2:1000As required