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Industry leading coatings for all assets and components, Applicable for OEM Spec, In-factory, aftermarket options and In-field applications. Industry based outcomes & Result’s. Aeris can facilitate all your application requirements, from application to your new units in our factories through to in-filed applications via our Accredited Platinum Partner network.

  • Approved by manufactures
  • Preferred by the industry
  • Increase asset & component life by over 30%, insurance against corrosion for many years
  • 40,000hr + salt spray resistance.
Aeris Guard™
Corrosion Protection Plus
PolyurethaneBaked EpoxyBaked PhenolicBlue Fin
ColourBlue or ClearSliverBlackBrownBlue
Average Coating Thickness25µ25µ25µ75µ
UV ResistanceExcellentExcellentPoorVery Poorn/a
Salt Spray Resistance
Exceeds 18,000 + hoursExceeds 3000 hours3000 hours3000 hours72 hours
Heat Transfer Reduction0%0%1%2-5%n/a
Fin Coverage100%100%Pin holes presentInconsistentn/a
Warranty5 Years (Additional warranty to 10 years)3 Years Standard (Additional warranty tp to 10 years)1 Year1 Yearn/a
Product CodeDescriptionDilution RateApplication Rate
01-09-00020Corrosion Protection Blue 5LReady to use200ml per m2 coil face (12 fins/inch and 100mm depth) or 20ml per m2 flat metal surface
01-09-00022Corrosion Protection Aerosol 350gms
01-09-00024Corrosion Protection Clear 5L
01-09-00026Corrosion Protection Clear Aerosol 350gms