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Outdoor Coil and Surface Cleaner is formulated to be able to remove the wide variety of materials that build up on coils and associated surfaces over time. With maintenance being key in extending asset life a stone, the product not only provides a both time and cost effective solution to cleaning but also is the minimum surface preparation needed for Aeris Corrosion Protection Coating

Problems caused by dirty condenser coils :

  • Your air conditioners energy efficiency drops dramatically,
  • Your air conditioner is no longer able to cool your home effectively. Your energy consumption goes up significantly while your cooling efficiency and effectiveness drops like a stone.
  • The life of your air conditioner unit, a huge home business investment, is reduced. Manufacturers assume you will properly maintain the unit when they project years of service.
  • Cooling efficiency can drop over 30%. At that point, your system is cooling at only 60 or 70% effectiveness. It requires no specialised disposal when rinsed as little as 0.042 inch or 1/23 of an inch of dirt can reduce cooling efficiency up to 21%).
  • Effectively removes scale from condenser coils.
Product CodeDescriptionDilution RateApplication Rate
01-01-00025Outdoor Coil and surface Cleaner 5LReady to use350ml/m² coil face (12 fins/inch and 100mm depth)
or 200ml/m² metal surface